Our Markets

Our business was created in 1996 as a U.S. consumer debt-buying and collections company. Over time and by design, PRA Group has expanded and diversified throughout its 20+ year history. PRA returns capital to banks and other creditors to help expand financial services for consumers worldwide and provides a broad range of additional revenue and recovery services to business clients.

A broad range of revenue & recovery services.

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Core Acquisitions & Collections
Acquisition and servicing of nonperforming loans from major credit grantors and other consumer debt owners in the Americas and Europe.
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Insolvency Investment Services
Acquisition & servicing of secured and unsecured insolvent customer accounts from leading banking institutions, retail banks, and other specialty finance providers in the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK.

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Claims Compensation Bureau
Purchasing and filing of securities and antitrust class action claims on behalf of institutional investors and corporate clients in the United States and Europe. Learn more about CCB here.

PRA Group, through its subsidiaries, has portfolio operations in 18 countries and has Call Centers & In-House Servicing Centers in 12 countries.

Our primary business is the purchase, collection, and management of portfolios of nonperforming loans. We acquire portfolios of nonperforming loans in two broad categories: Core and Insolvency.

PRA 2020 Locations Map

For further information about our European business portfolios, contact Europe.Acquisitions@pragroup.com.