New Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC’s Website

We believe in creating a convenient and affordable process around debt repayment. We understand that isn’t always the case – so we’re doing something about it.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (“PRA”), a subsidiary of PRA Group, Inc., was founded in 1996 to create a better debt repayment experience for consumers. Since then, PRA has successfully helped millions of people across the United States resolve their debt.

PRA remains focused on helping make debt repayment easier by educating consumers about the debt collection process.

To better understand how we can improve the repayment experience, we conducted two consumer research studies. While each consumer’s journey is different, we consistently heard it is difficult to find dependable information about when or what to pay. We learned that people are looking for credible resources, transparency, and better control over their payments. After carefully listening to these personal experiences, we put what we learned into action. We’ve redesigned our PRA customer website to provide the tools and solutions needed to better manage debt repayment.

The new is now live. When consumers visit the site, they will get answers to their most important questions and help to guide them through the debt repayment process. They’ll find answers to common questions such as “Who is PRA?,” “What are the benefits of payment?,” and “What are my rights?”

When customers log in, they’ll see clear and accurate information about their account(s). A new account management view makes planning a payment, seeing scheduled payments, or changing a payment simple and easy. This includes a payment slider that allows customers to explore payment options to find the most affordable setting for their budgets. These tools give PRA’s customers control and flexibility over how and when to pay—with payment start date, frequency and number of installments. After an account is resolved, they’ll receive a confirmation for their records.

People spoke and we listened.  Visit the new today to see the new experience, improved tools and flexible options that put customers in control.