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PRA Group Executive Laura White Highlights the Importance of Credit at West Virginia University Lunch and Learn

MORGANTOWN, WVA – PRA Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRAA), a global leader in acquiring and collecting nonperforming loans, partnered with West Virginia University’s (WVU) Center for Financial Literacy and Education (CFLE) to present a lunch and learn on building, maintaining and avoiding bad credit for the university’s faculty and staff. PRA Group’s Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Laura White was the keynote speaker.

Example slide from Laura White's lunch and learn, highlighting the advantages of financial literacy.

Her presentation covered the importance of establishing responsible borrowing and payment habits, fact-checking credit reports and establishing a long credit history, as well as practices that can be a danger to good credit and tactics for pursuing recovery.

“With a focus on doing things the right way, PRA Group was built on the foundation of giving back to strengthen the vitality of the communities where we live and work. We are passionate about financial literacy education because our companies work firsthand with people who are struggling with debt,” said White. “PRA Group is proud to support the WVU CFLE because the skills its programming promotes are key to achieving financial freedom. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to help make an impact on the WVU community and their families for generations to come.”

WVU’s CFLE is part of the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, of which PRA Group is a corporate sponsor. Watch the full lunch and learn here: https://youtu.be/nI6zEN7ue8w