A Message from Kevin Stevenson, President and Chief Executive Officer

To our employees, customers, partners, and communities we serve:

We’re living through an unprecedented time in human history. Many of us have had our lives upended by the COVID-19 outbreak, and there is no handbook for how to move forward. However, I am writing to share some things our company is learning and what we’re implementing.

Our top priority is to keep people safe

My goal is to keep our employees safe, productive, and paid. Our employees are at the core of our business philosophy and values. I could not be prouder of their efforts during this challenging time. We’ve been meeting around the clock, seven days a week to keep our sites open across the globe, transition work between the sites as needed, and expand work from home options. I am excited by the creativity, innovation, and support I’ve seen from hundreds of people across the organization.

While we’ve implemented “work from home” for many employees across the organization, some people must report to the office to do their jobs. They are on the front line, supporting our customers, even while the world is quickly changing around us— measured in days, not weeks or years. We’re doing everything we can to keep them safe, including adjusting our operating hours, deploying additional cleaning and sanitation methods, and moving work stations around to ensure employees can practice social distancing.

Taking this step will also ensure our customers can reach us. We know our call times may be a little longer than usual –and we’ve seen high call volume –but we’re prepared to provide continued support.

We’re here for you

We understand that many people across the globe are experiencing financial uncertainty. The economic impact of this crisis is still unknown, but we are prepared to keep helping our customers – no matter what. I firmly believe that we are a different kind of collection company. PRA has, and always will be, centered around treating every single one of our customers with the respect and dignity they deserve. If you have been directly affected by COVID-19 and are having difficulty making payments on your account, I ask that you get in touch with us so we can work together.

The bright spot in this crisis is that individuals and companies have come together like never before. This is especially true for our company. Our ability to take the long-term approach and continue supporting our customers proves the strength of our teams. Each person who works here is essential to our mission — and never more so than at this time. To date, we’ve committed $50,000 to support organizations aiding in COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts. It is imperative that we work together to aid local and national organizations working to protect our communities.

Please visit our dedicated website at pragroup.com/covid-19 to stay up to date with how we are responding.

We will come out of this even stronger

As a son, husband, and father, I am also working to adjust to our “new normal” – working remotely, staying home, and practicing social distancing when I have to go to the grocery store. These new changes aren’t always easy but they are necessary to overcome this global crisis. We will come out of this even stronger.