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PRA Group President and CEO Hosts Brand Strategy Talk During Annual Global Development Boot Camp

Vik Atal Discusses the Power of Emotional Intelligence During Annual Professional Learning Initiative

NORFOLK, Va., May 30, 2023 – PRA Group’s annual Global Development Bootcamp is a month-long virtual initiative designed to provide employees around the world with tools to continually advance their professional skills and development. Beginning May 1, this year’s boot camp has included live webinars such as “Communicating with Data Visualization,” “Workplace Culture in a Virtual World” and “Leading with Any Title.”  

It also featured a new session, “Beyond IQ: EQ and the Power of Your Brand” from the company’s president and CEO, Vik Atal. 

Atal discussed the importance of brand-building—for both businesses and individuals—by demonstrating emotional intelligence. For the individual, emotional intelligence, also known as “EQ,” is related to how one manages their emotions and their relationships with others. For a business or organization, EQ is concerned with the humanity of a brand, and by extension, that brand’s ability to relate to the very people with whom it partners and does business. One of PRA Group’s strategic objectives is to be a recognized and trusted brand, which makes building enduring relationships with those it serves a priority. Atal has played an active role in this process throughout his time as president and CEO and on the company’s board of directors. 

“It is critical to me that employees throughout the company understand and are an active part of defining and demonstrating who we are at PRA Group,” said Atal. “Global Development Bootcamp posed an early opportunity to engage with our employees around the world. I look forward to many more in the weeks and months to come.” 

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