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PRA Group Donor Pool Saves First Life with Ezer Mizion 

Sponsored bone marrow registry sees first patient match for a stem cell transplant 

NORFOLK, Va., Aug. 24, 2023 – Within the past month, Ezer Mizion facilitated 52 lifesaving stem cell transplants in 15 countries around the world—one of which was made possible through the PRA Group Donor Pool at Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Donor Registry.  

Ezer Mizion assists individuals and their families experiencing a wide variety of health challenges, including saving lives by matching unrelated stem cell donors to cancer patients who need stem cell transplants. Ezer Mizion has nearly 1.2 million active members in its registry who are waiting to hear that they are a genetic match for a patient somewhere in the world, and that by donating their stem cells, they can save a life. Ezer Mizion’s Registry is the world’s sixth largest bone marrow registry and works with stem cell transplant centers in 47 countries around the world, saving lives globally.   

July 2023 was a milestone month for the nonprofit, as it reached 5,000 lives saved through stem cell transplants in the registry, many of them sponsored by donor pools like PRA Group’s.  

PRA Group’s partnership with Ezer Mizion began in 2021, when the financial services company added $250,000 to its annual philanthropic contributions to celebrate a business milestone. In honor of PRA Group’s 25 years in business, the company gave $25,000 to each of 10 employee-selected nonprofits.  

PRA Group’s contribution sponsored lab testing for a donor pool of 500 potential stem cell donors. Since 2021, the pool of potential donors that PRA Group funded has awaited news of a transplant—until now.  

“With this first transplant for the PRA Group Donor Pool, we are thrilled that our contribution has begun to make a visible, vital impact,” said Giovanna Genard, vice president of external affairs and marketing leader. “Since our founding, PRA Group has been committed to giving back to nonprofits that support the communities in which we live and work around the world. We are grateful to Ezer Mizion for making these lifesaving matches and transplants possible—now and into the future.” 

PRA Group has operations in 18 countries, including Israel, home to one of Ezer Mizion’s two primary offices. 

“We have never given up on our vision and effort to give every patient in need of a cure the option of a matching stem cell donor and hope for recovery and a second chance at life,” said Dr. Bracha Zisser, director of Ezer Mizion’s bone marrow donor registry and Cancer Patient Support Services. “It is remarkable to think of how far we’ve come thanks to the partners who support us and share in our vision.” 

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