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PRA Group Presents ‘Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman: Journey to Nature’s Underworld’ with Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

NORFOLK, Va., Feb. 9, 2024 – PRA Group is proud to continue its support of the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art by presenting the Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman: Journey to Nature’s Underworld exhibition. The installation features 30 large-scale paintings and sculptures that lend perspective to humanity’s strained relationship with our environment, while showcasing the lasting beauty and wonder of our planet and how we can work to preserve it.  

The exhibition breaks away from traditional art museum experiences by integrating scientific research and dense, complex mixed media displays. Rockman’s paintings depict densely populated landscapes while Dion’s dioramas incorporate taxidermy, found objects, and real-life specimen cabinets. Each display tells a rich story about resilience as we face ecological crisis and look for our path forward. The artists also plan to continue building on their work, as they will incorporate research conducted by local schoolchildren in the near future.

Journey to Nature’s Underworld speaks to an enduring reality of our region and our world—the fragility of nature,” said Virginia MOCA Director and CEO Gary Ryan. “The work of Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman is a passionate appeal to take care of our planet. The beautiful and devastating voicings of their concerns about the perils faced if we, as citizens of the world, don’t take care are incredibly poignant now.”

Journey to Nature’s Underworld is open to the public at Virginia MOCA from now until June 9, at which point it will begin traveling nationally, making stops at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the Lowe Art Museum at University of Miami, and the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State University.

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